Inilah Kami Pelajar DIB2C (2011)

Inilah Kami Pelajar DIB2C (2011)
aq harap hubungan kiteorg akn kekal rapat seperti mule2 kiteorg berjumpe dan akan berkekalan sehingga ke sem 6.. memng best dapat duduk satu kelas ngan korang sume.. masing2 x kedekut ilmu dan ambil berat antare satu same lain.. keep it up guys.. jgn ade 'clicks' ok..!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I Am Lady Gaga!! What's your opinion of Lady Gaga?

"fantastic Gaga? why so many adore her? Lady Gaga just a weird girl! clothing severe, unreasonable, obnoxious, and ridiculous! Her singing is very severe compared to Bieber! hahahah! if Gaga does not exist, the entertainment world can still live ! Gaga is equal to the loser! "

I got this article on the website, personally i think, Gaga is a brave person, she is eligible to be adore by her fans .. 
Lady GaGa continues to impress me despite adopting faux accents on her new material. Where “Alejandro” saw a GaGa with a soft Spanish accent, you can hear a slight French accent on “Bad Romance.” In fact, a few lines of the song are actually sung in French.
 how about your opinion about Lady Gaga? And who is the best, Gaga or Justin Bieber?

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